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Life in Los Angeles is a bit difficult. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. The city is often ranked among the most dangerous cities in America, with some areas considered no-go zones at night. Incomes vary wildly across the city, and there are cliques everywhere you look. What sucks about L.A., and what makes it such a unique place to live, is this incredibly long list of things to do that includes everything from fine dining and wall climbing to nudity and skateboarding. Find out more about moving to Los Angeles at


Living in Los Angeles is a lifestyle choice, so try to think about what your style is and what you can afford if you’re interested in living in Los Angeles or just visiting for a weekend. When you are ready to move, make sure you’re prepared. Here’s a guide to what it’s like to live in Los Angeles and some tips on how to get by while you are there.


When you move to Los Angeles, you will have many transportation options at your fingertips. There are four major public transit systems available in L.A. They all have websites where people can look up real-time schedule information and download apps that give information about connections and routes. The L.A. Metro, Metrolink, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and the Orange County Transit Authority are the four transit systems.

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 If you are moving to Los Angeles for work, one of the most important things you can do is to buy a car and get a place close to your job. In Los Angeles, there is so much traffic that it can be faster to either walk or bike to work than to drive, depending on where you live and work. However, if your job is in a far-off part of town or you aren’t sure how often or long you will be commuting, buying a car will help give you flexibility with your time. It will also help you get a good deal on insurance as well.


If you’re moving to Los Angeles and want to drive, you should know that the freeways are not reversible, and you can’t just flip your car around to go back to where you came from. That’s because, in California, there are specific rules about the direction that traffic flow is allowed on those roads, so if you’re traveling through Los Angeles for work or fun, make sure that the freeway goes in the direction you need to go.


Another big thing about moving to Los Angeles is deciding what neighborhood is right for you. There are some pretty impressive neighborhoods in L.A., and each has something unique. If you want good weather year-round, you might want to live in the San Fernando Valley area. Santa Monica might be the place for you if you are looking for great food and culture. West Hollywood is a hipster-like neighborhood that welcomes nightlife, and Studio City is great if you like to be close to celebrities and want to shop on Rodeo Drive.

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