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A residential proxy serves as a mediator that uses an IP address provided by ISP. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, it is not a center. Residential Proxies are the IP addresses, which are provided by ISP providers to homeowners. These proxies are legitimate IP addresses in one location. The main use and benefit of these proxies is the low block-rate and high anonymity level. Every residential proxy address has one location. Even though billions of digital devices are connected to the internet 24/7, the IP addresses pinpoint the location of any kind of device. Thus, you are giving out information on your browser preferences, cookies, and logged out with real IP addresses each time you go online.

You may encounter trouble due to several service providers who will geo-lock content to only access it from certain countries. Besides, if you try to use bots or scrape data for scripts for SEO or social media, the IP address will get blocked. As a result, you can’t access the desired webpage. Fortunately, a residential proxy network is an effective way to get around these issues.

Describe residential IP

The residential IP address is an IP address, which is tied to a physical device, for instance, a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Residential IP addresses in the public databases let websites determine the device’s location, network, and internet provider. Residential IP addresses are considered real people.

How does residential proxy work?

Residential proxies are not the same as data center proxies. These are more in-demand and reliable compared to the datacenter that is easier to block. Data centers might be cheaper yet can’t provide what you need. A residential proxy is the real MVP. A residential proxy routes your internet traffic by a mediator server. The server changes the IP address of the requested connection. It is exceptional because it is a real mobile device, which is used as the mediator for the connections.

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Why use this proxy?

If you want to hide or conceal your IP address for different reasons, you will need a residential proxy. Another use of it are:

  • Scrape data from various websites
  • Run various accounts from the same device
  • Download and upload torrents through P2P connections
  • Stream geo-lock content

A residential proxy network, whatever the case, is a great tool to hide the true online identity.

What is it used for?

A residential proxy can be used for several purposes:

  • Market research. It can be used for ad verification, web scraping, affiliate testing, and SEO. Web scraping will let you collect all the different kinds of data to be advanced from the competitors. Ad verification helps you localize and test ads while using mobile IP addresses and real desktops.
  • Social networks. It is the very first reason why users used a residential proxy. It creates and manages multiple accounts in social media platforms, increases following, and changes location with no restrictions.

All the info is great. Many people have been profiting due to the great usage of a residential proxy.

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