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Description Peeling for the scalp


In order for nothing to prevent hair growth it is necessary to periodically cleanse the scalp in depth. Conventional shampoos are not able to perform this task, so experts recommend resorting to the use of specific, high-quality products created specifically for the epidermis of the head Learn more about male hair loss treatment in Singapore here.

The Polish brand DermoFuture has created the Hair & Scalp Peeling scalp peeling with which you will forget the problem of excessive hair loss, the onset of dandruff and the signs of seborrhea. The cosmetic is enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil and glycerin, which are responsible for moisturizing, soothe and nourish the epidermis. Contains crushed apricot kernels which contribute to the improvement of blood microcirculation and the regeneration of the scalp. With regular use it improves the condition of the scalp and hair. The completely purified epidermis restores hair growth and their loss is stopped.

How to use

Learn more about male hair loss treatment in Singapore here.

Apply the required amount of product directly on the scalp. The total massage time should not exceed 5 minutes. Add water if necessary. Rinse the peeling off with plenty of water without using shampoo.

For this reason, the best wellness consultants we work with have created, exclusively for our guests, specific programs with different objectives :

Stress reduction

Purification and detoxification of the organism

Slimming and toning

Face and body anti-aging

Sleep improvement

Our paths begin in the SPA and continue at home through the maintenance tips that are delivered during the stay in our Beauty Nature SPA. All the cosmetic products we use were born on our territory , with the perfumes and functional substances certified organic, eco green and vegan friendly.

They do not contain perfumes, petrolatum, parabens and allergens, in full compliance with our philosophy. The packaging is recyclable and has a low environmental impact . Everything reflects our love and respect for the environment, giving the best comfort and the most special pampering to our guests.

Detoxifying the body

Perfect treatment to start any wellness path. Welcome with brushing all over the body, enveloping maneuvers with our wonderful hay scrub with detoxifying power. Very pleasant hay mud pack, regenerating shower and massage with warm detoxifying oil. At the end of the treatment, detoxifying herbal tea is served.

Deep nourishment and cell renewal

Ideal for those with very dry skin and in need of deep hydration. Welcome with brushing, smoothing scrub all over the body, super nourishing pack with mask, revitalizing shower, massage with nourishing butter that leaves the skin velvety and final pampering with organic herbal tea.