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Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting: Its Advantages and Cost Incurred


Before getting into the details, let us glimpse how the process works. So, the die casting process involves the production of geometrically complex metal through reusable molds, known as dying. It also involves using a furnace, metal, die, and die casting machine. There are two types of die casting machines- hot chamber machines and cold chamber machines. The former is used for alloys with lower melting points, and the latter is used for alloys with higher melting points. The differences between the two machines lie in their sector of tooling and equipment. The resulting part is known as casting. Further in the article, you will be reading about the Cold Chamber pressure die casting advantages and its cost.


Cold chamber dies casting is an effective and affordable process that helps make different shapes. The parts made with this method are durable and complement their surroundings. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Strength and weight: Parts made with the cold chamber technique have more strength. The die casting does not involve the welding of separate parts. The strength is a result of an alloy rather than the joining process.
  2. Accuracy and stability: These parts are stable and heat resistant. The parts made with this process have close tolerances.
  3. High-speed production: This process allows the complex shapes to have closer tolerances. Thousands of identical castings can be made with no matching required.
  4. Simplified assembly: Cold chamber die casting gives integral fastening elements, holes are drilled, and external threads are cast.
  5. Multiple finishing techniques: The parts with this technique come out to be smooth and well prepared. In addition, they can be easily plated.

cold chamber pressure die casting


The cost of such processes is calculated in terms of the number of hours or the time taken to complete the process. The hourly time is directly proportional to the size of the machine used. Die casting machines are chosen according to their clamping strength. The cost of a cold chamber die casting machine can exceed Rs. 12.5 Lakhs.


The concluding words would be that the process is a bit complex but one of the best processes for die casting. The cold chamber pressure casting has more clamping strength and is cost-effective. It is a process that can take more time when compared to other processes, but results turn out to be great and durable.