Things To Know Before Purchasing Hot Air Balloon Flower Box Singapore


There are many ways to gift flowers to your loved ones. Not just the bouquets. Apart from that, many flower arrangements can satisfy your needs. Haven’t you seen those air balloons flying with a basket full of flowers in movies? Baskets of flowers fly around for them to apologise to their beloved.

Do you want something similar? Well, here is a piece of good news for you and that is that there are such baskets available in real life as well. They are called hot air balloon flower box service and are one of the best flower services available. Here are some of the features of the hot air balloon flower box Singapore.

Customization Of Hot Air Balloon Flowers

If you look up online services, some of them would allow you to customize your balloon. They will allow the customers to choose the flowers they want within the box. But others do not allow such customization. This is mainly because their flower boxes for balloons are pre-made and kept fresh throughout the day.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Hot Air Balloon Flower Box Singapore

The commonly used flowers are purple roses and lilacs. Sometimes, to add to the aesthetics, they may even add ping pong flowers. But this depends on the florist you reach out to. If you are surfing through online shops, then there will also be a picture of the flower arrangement to satisfy your curiosity.

Customization Of Balloon Size

Balloon size customization is not allowed by the smaller florist shops. This is because they have only flower balloons of one size and a fitting basket especially for that. The dimension of the balloon’s basket will be around 18 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm. This size might come across as small but it is beautiful when it is seen flying above.

If you approach bigger or grander florist shops, they will allow you to customize your balloon and basket size. You can opt for one that satisfies your conditions. Make sure to know your preference beforehand to save time.

Delivery Date And Time

Delivery will be done according to your convenience. If it is not to be done on the same day, then you can request them to deliver it on the date you want. If you are purchasing it online, then you will be asked to fill a form with the required information of the balloon and the flowers. Some of them may also accept messages.

Within the same form, they will ask the date of delivery. If it is a high-end florist, you can request them to fly it at a specific location as well. Make sure to only get the best hot air balloon flower box Singapore.

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