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The Professional Product Photography workshop is based in Singapore, making it ideal for serving companies from all around the country. If you live nearby, customers are welcome to leave off your items in person. On the other hand, traveling to and from our studio is a snap.

Professional product photography Singapore makes studio photography more inexpensive and accessible than ever by providing a remote service that delivers premium-quality product shots with no fuss. Contact us, email us your merchandise, and our skilled photographers and retouches will do the rest.

They are the best eCommerce product picture shoot studio because they deliver quick and quality service. We requested a few adjustments, and they were reenacted and delivered the following day. Excellent image quality for the product provided by them. They will answer in less than 3 hours when you issue a follow-up email inquiring about your order.

Following are the different types of products photography:

  • Photographing People in Their Natural Environment:

Lifestyle photographers stage individuals in meticulously staged scenarios to make it look like they are doing a spontaneous act at a specific location and time. The position is meant to represent something about their lifestyle.

professional product photography singapore

  • Product Photography on Amazon:

Product images for Amazon sales represent an entirely new field of product photography. This is a category since Amazon has extremely tight criteria for pictures on item listing pages.

  • Product Photography in 360┬░:

When photographers capture several product images from various camera angles, they may be combined into a 360-degree object view using the software. Photographers will utilize a 360-degree turntable and rotate the item on the turntable in incremental steps relative to the camera, which will stay motionless on its tripod to get a genuinely excellent 360-degree perspective.

  • Photographing Fashion:

Unlike plainclothes photography, fashion photography generally involves the apparel worn by hired models taken in an exotic location with a specific concept. Fashion photography moves away from the studio and then onto the street, the beach, or the runway. This needed to have excellent skill levels compared to the studio outfit photographer.

Overall, the perfect photo for your material is determined by the product’s nature, usage, and marketing location. With the rise of digital photography, now we all have a plethora of innovative and fascinating methods of shooting things that truly assist buyers in making educated purchase selections.

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