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Interior design is a multifaceted profession within the building industry that primarily deals with the design and specification of a building’s interior. Interior designers are responsible for everything from floor plans to furniture placement.

An interior designer can have many other titles from project manager, space planner, product planner, and more depending on the situation. These titles then encompass some of an interior designer’s responsibilities such as scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, managing budgets, and communicating with suppliers.

Interior designer

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People within this profession need to have strong attention to detail, the ability to visualize, create, and carry out a plan in order for the design of a building’s interior to be successful. A strong understanding of interior design and its components is also needed including architectural styles and elements such as lighting, finishes, furniture, appliances and more.

It is considered a growing field with positions available in nearly all fields. Interior design is particularly growing in areas such as retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare and government. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the median annual salary for Interior Designers as $73,500 at the end of May 2010. Some people are choosing to become licensed resale hdb renovation or certified interior designers and begin working in interior design.


“Interior Design” is a trade that requires a lot of experience and training to be successful in this field. Interior designers are also responsible for making sure that a building’s interior is suited to its location and functions.

Designing an interior is a lot different from designing an exterior. While the exterior design of a building dictates its physical appearance, what looks great on the outside, interior design is primarily about concepts and experiences. These are the aspects that make each home a unique expression of style and personal taste.

When people spend a lot of time in a space, as is the case with their home, they expect more than just an attractive house. They want something that resonates with their personality and way of life. Perhaps it is the colors, the textures, or shapes that speak to them, or even (gasp!) the furniture and decor choices.

These elements work best when they complement each other and celebrate the unique attributes of a space rather than fight for attention. Because once you get started, each new purchase pushes aside what came before it so that all you see is a jumbled mess rather than something harmonious and soothing.

Once you have a clear picture of exactly how the space will function, it’s time to start thinking about different styles. While style is always a matter of taste, there are certain design elements you can use to give your home a personality that suits your tastes.

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