How Is Female Health Screening Packages Singapore Helpful!


It’s difficult to know if you’re doing everything you can to be healthy when there’s so much material directed at women about health, body care, and general well-being. Osler Health Singapore will help you uncover any potential difficulties with a tailored women’s health screening. Your doctor will give you a better knowledge of your present health as well as any prospective health risks during this individualized checkup.

A comprehensive medical checkup once a year might provide you the opportunity to discover exactly what’s going on in your body and how you can enhance your health by using female health screening packages singapore. This is especially crucial for females because certain places need to be checked regularly.

female health screening packages singapore

Well-woman Health Screenings

  1. Full medical history review, including personal and family history
  2. Complete physical examination, including breast and gynecological exams
  3. Cardiovascular risk assessmen
  4. Cancer screening (cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc.)
  5. Investigations in the laboratory and/or radiology
  6. Examine immunization records and status
  7. Discuss all results with the doctor in person, via email, or by phone.
  8. Report summary and recommendations

Gynaecological Health Checks

  1. For many of the typical gynecological treatments and testing, women believe they need to see a gynecologist. Seeing your doctor might be more convenient and cost-effective. Our experts can help you with the following routine gynecological tests:
  2. Cervical cancer screening using PAP testing
  3. HPV tests
  4. Sexual health/STIs – a sexual health check includes a physical examination and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as discussing sexual health concerns.

Female Health Screening Packages in Singapore

1. Family planning

Health Screening Packages Singapore should be your first stop if you’re thinking about having a baby or need contraception guidance. Before you try for a pregnancy, our experts perform prenatal exams, fertility checks, and provide counseling to keep you in good health. Depending on your unique needs and time of life, our specialists will examine and recommend appropriate contraception alternatives.

2. Contraceptive devise fitting

Our experienced doctors can execute procedures for the insertion and removal of contraceptive devices such as the Mirena contraceptive devices (IUCD) in the uterus, in addition to full-body exams for women. There are also under-the-skin contraceptive implants (Implanon) available.

3. Mental health

Mental health and well-being are intertwined in total health and happiness. Please see your doctor if you are worried or burned out, anxious, not sleeping, or feeling down. If you have a history of anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders, our doctors can provide follow-up treatment, prescribe appropriate medications (if necessary), and collaborate with counseling and/or psychiatry services as needed.


So now that you’ve learned the most vital details about a Health Screening Packages Singapore, you should schedule your appointment right away.

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