What’s so special about Red Lentil Soup?


This delectable Turkish lentil soup also named mercimek çorbas is silky and flavorful. One of Turkey’s most popular national foods is lentil soup. It’s available on practically every restaurant’s menu. Even outside of Turkey, this soup has acquired appeal throughout Europe and the Middle East. As a matter of fact, Turks did not invent it. Lentil soup was first mentioned in the Bible and in a statement by Aristophanes, an ancient Greek poet. I have no clue how the biblical version of the soup differed from the current Turkish one if it differed at all. It was most certainly different in some aspects. Loaded with essential nutrients such as Potassium, Carbohydrates, Protein and Calcium, this soup is a healthy option. It also contains vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are healthy for the body. Because of the vegetables used in its preparation, such as onions, carrots, and potatoes, red lentil soup served with lemon is widely acknowledged as a therapeutic food, protecting against disease and strengthening immunity. Because red lentils are strong in iron, this soup is very good for children’s nutrition.  Red lentil soup is a flavor that can be found on practically every restaurant menu in Turkey. Aside from being simple to make, with few ingredients and a low cost, it has a beautifully soothing flavor that is both gratifying and healthful. It’s no surprise that everyone loves it, and it’s at the top of the list of the most popular Turkish soups. This substantial and healthful soup is ideal for a chilly day when you want a thick bowl of warm soup. While this soup is Turkish, it is comparable to other regional lentil cuisines as well as various Indian and subcontinent dal recipes. The combination of spices, particularly the dried mint, distinguishes this meal.

red lentil soup

What makes this soup a healthy alternative?

This soup is loaded with nutritious vegetables as well spices. Potassium, carbohydrates, protein, and calcium are essential nutrients in this soup, making it a healthy choice. Moreover, it contains healthy vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. red lentil soup, served with lemon, is widely considered a therapeutic food for its usage of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, and potatoes, which protect against disease and strengthen immunity. Because red lentils contain a lot of iron, this soup is excellent for children.

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