How to Use Self Destruct Messages To Your Advantage


Chances are, if you have ever used a messaging app of any kind, you’ve seen or even sent a ‘self-destruct’ message. But do you know how to use them to your advantage?

In this post, we will teach you how to set up self-destruct messages for all of your apps and why doing so is useful for many reasons.

Keep Messages Private

Many messaging apps have a self-destruct timer, but not all of them. A few popular ones are WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype. When you send a self-destruct message, only the receiver can read it after the time period you select, making it a great way to keep your привнот messages private. So if you’re concerned about things like privacy or discretion, this is a great feature to use when texting people who may be on their mind or in public.

Keep from Receiving Too Many Messages

Self-destruct messages are not a new thing, but there is something you should know about them. If a person sends you a lot of messages, you can set the self-destruct timer for that person’s account to expire as soon as they send it. So if you give someone the message “I don’t want to be bothered”, their self-destruct timer will expire and therefore remove all future messages from their account.

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Get Rid of Unwanted Messages

Just like in the previous point, this is a great way to keep your account private. If you use an app that lets you report spam or block users, this is a great way to get rid of any unwanted messages sent to you. So for example if there was someone sending you messages constantly about birthday wishes, you can set up a self-destruct timer and have them delete all future messages.

Prevent People from Receiving Your Messages

Sending self-destruct messages is another way to prevent people from receiving your messages. You should set this to about a minute, which should be long enough to send the message before the timer expires. But if someone sends you a message and it’s not in your inbox, you can simply go into the message and click “delete” without having them know they were even sent. A great way to avoid social media drama by not hurting anyone’s feelings or upsetting anyone.

Avoid Burn Out

Using self-destruct messages is a great way to avoid burn out. If you’ve been getting a lot of messages, this can be a great way to reduce the load on your phone and at the same time prevent someone from catching you off guard by sending you a message, but not realizing that it’s going to expire in 30 minutes.

Ordering Food Online – Learn more


Pretty much every eatery today gives the office to you to arrange food on the web. Online food requesting gives a plenty of advantages. In addition to the clients benefit, the eatery likewise does. Recorded in this article are a couple of them. Learn more about F&B ordering system in Singapore, click here.

It is very easy to Place online orders. Clients effectively request food and they love the quick help. On account of this they feel that they are getting incredible client assistance.

At the point when an eatery gives its clients the office to arrange food on the web, the café kitchen can get more smoothed out. The staff has additional opportunity to do different things like pressing and conveying as opposed to focusing on taking requests via telephone.

More point by point menu

Learn more about F&B ordering system in Singapore, click here.

  • With a web-based menu, clients have the breathing space to peruse the portrayal and furthermore they request food they need to eat. With requesting via telephone, this may not be imaginable and the client will be unable to get a definite depiction of the food.
  • At the point when individuals have a menu that they can check out. They take as much time as necessary in taking a gander at each thing and as a result they request more food things. It has a ton of effect on the eatery business.
  • At the point when you give the clients the honor to arrange food on the web, they love the control they get. There is less misconstruing between the staff and the clients concerning the request. They can pick the thing, the amount and furthermore give any unique directions for the conveyance when required. There is zero chance of the eatery passing up a great opportunity any subtleties.
  • Clients can feel it is a piece monotonous to put orders via telephone particularly in the event that there are mass requests. The chances of having a miscommunication are likewise high when the quantity of things are more. At the point when clients place orders online they take responsibility of any slip-ups that they make. It additionally requires less investment. This expands the consumer loyalty tremendously.

With each eatery around having an internet based food requesting site or application. You might miss out on expected business on the off chance that you don’t give this choice to your clients. You must be in the race and make serious areas of strength for an on the web. This way you will ensure you stay in the business.

Get The Best Instagram APK Services.


Some people like to go the DIY route and find programs online that can help them with their Instagram mod apk. While this is a valuable skill, not everyone is so confident in their abilities that they can do it alone. Many people don’t know where to go or how to get started. This blog post is here to help you avoid that problem and ensure your Instagram runs smoothly!


Don’t you have any coding knowledge or experience? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get the best services possible on your app! There are plenty of providers out there who will provide an easy-to-use app for those who are looking for something more hands-off than DIY.

Instagram mod apk


While you may not know precisely what you’re looking for, you can provide you with a list of the best services to figure that out. This list will cover everything from getting your content on Instagram to managing it after it’s been uploaded.


Our list will include in-person consultations and digital tools and services. Since there are so many variations between the two, we couldn’t just pick one service to highlight. So, this time we’re going to present a combination of both! Instagram is such a large platform that it’s difficult for many developers to tackle everything at once. There are so many different options out there, and if you’re brand new, you’re probably not sure where to start.


In conclusion, don’t worry about yourself if you’re looking for the best Instagram services! This post is here to help. You needn’t go any further than this blog post, as all of the information you need to find the best possible solution for your app is right here.

IBM i (iSeries/AS400) Cloud Security: From the Ground Up


As an overview, I wanted to start with a few thoughts on the IBM i platform and some of the recent changes that have taken place to make the platform more capable in today’s cloud-centric environment. This isn’t meant to be a technical overview, but more a few thoughts on some of the security-related capabilities of the platform that have been deprecated, added, or have changed in the past few years.

IBM i (iSeries/AS400)

When one thinks about the iSeries, there’s a good chance that images of green screens and 3270 terminals may come to mind. This may have been the case in the past, but there has been a lot of change in recent years. The IBM Power platform has been largely modernized and IBM has invested a lot of time and money into making the IBM i platform more relevant in today’s market.

The IBM i platform was originally conceived as a complete solution, with everything an organization needed to get up and running and all built in. This was great for the average company, as they didn’t need to worry as much about third party applications and security patches and were able to focus more on their business.

IBM i cloud (iSeries/AS400) Cloud Security platform has shifted a bit in recent years to an “open” platform that is more flexible and extensible. This has allowed for the platform to be more easily integrated with third party applications and solutions.

The IBM i platform has a number of capabilities that make it an attractive platform for hosting applications and data in the cloud.

IBM i cloud

Some of these capabilities include:

– Built-in security features

– A robust operating system

– A proven database

– Built-in networking capabilities

– Flexible storage options

– Virtualization capabilities

– Scalability

As the IBM i (iSeries/AS400) Cloud Security platform has shifted to being more open, there has been a focus on making the platform more secure. IBM has invested a lot of time and resources into making the platform more secure. Some of the security-related changes that have been made in recent years include:

– The deprecation of the Data Administration Security Server (DASS)

– The introduction of the IBM i Access Client Solutions

– The inclusion of OpenSSL in the operating system

– The addition of user-defined encryption keys

– The introduction of IBM i Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR)

It has a lot to offer in terms of security. The platform has a number of built-in security features that can be used to secure data and applications. In addition, the platform has a number of security-related capabilities that have been added in recent years.

Some of the services offered by the hosting servers and the benefits of having their own Minecraft servers.


Playing an online game is the most fascinating thing. How to make it more fascinating? Playing it in real-time with your friends or other players who are available online. To make this happen, you need a server to host. You can play these games from all the platforms, from desktops to mobile apps.

What makes it interesting?

You can play these games as a single player, but how long will that be interesting? The open secret to the gaining popularity of these games is their multiplayer mode option. This keeps the game more interesting and engaged.

For this, you have to set up an environment to host these games online. It means you will rent a server room/space from the hosting provider.

Some of the requirements:

  • Depending upon the number of players that you want to host, the option of hosting type varies.
  • If you are a group of 10 players, then you only need basic VPS hosting. (virtually shared servers) These are low-budget options.
  • IF you are more than 10 players, then you need to look for dedicated servers. That’s where these Minecraft server hosting providers pitch in.
  • They offer you with more RAM and higher-end processors. These are little expensive ones.

Benefits of having Own Minecraft servers

  • Availability of different mods. You can variety of mods and plugins that are easy to install to make the game more interesting. You can decide what to install.
  • Live in a community. You get to socialize digitally, by playing with players from different geographic locations.
  • You can set your own rules and regulations for the game. That doesn’t mean you have to follow it. It could for other players only.
  • Remember having your very own server runner, you need more hardware and resources, supported by good network connectivity.

With the information above, you can get to know that setting up a server to host could not be a complex thing. All you need to do is to assess which and what environment want and go to the basic or premium plan that suits your need.Most of these providers support basic setup to high-end setup. Cost and your need play the deciding factor here.

Having said that, there are cost-effective providers available in the market. Look for the ones that provide holistic support and functions.

Other extended services

There will be many questions running in your mind, about the extended services offered by these web hosting servers. Let’s get them clarified here.

  • Upgrading or downgrading options. You can have the benefits of doing this at any time and at any given point.
  • You have the option of changing the types of servers at any time according to your need.
  • Uploading your very own game environment is available at one click, similar to the file transfer process.
  • The control panels offer you to add sub-users to your account. You can control their access level by giving specified permissions.
  • There is always room for switching between the built-in options and the other options that you want to add to your game. Like mods, plugins that are not available in your with the provider that you have chosen.
  • Look for a better service provider, that offers you a clear refund policy. If in case, you are not happy with the service, most of them offer to refund your money.

Hope the above information helps you to understand more about Minecraft server hosting and the benefits of having one.

Top Proxies Provider In USA: Fast-Speed And Premium Bandwidth


A residential proxy serves as a mediator that uses an IP address provided by ISP. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, it is not a center. Residential Proxies are the IP addresses, which are provided by ISP providers to homeowners. These proxies are legitimate IP addresses in one location. The main use and benefit of these proxies is the low block-rate and high anonymity level. Every residential proxy address has one location. Even though billions of digital devices are connected to the internet 24/7, the IP addresses pinpoint the location of any kind of device. Thus, you are giving out information on your browser preferences, cookies, and logged out with real IP addresses each time you go online.

You may encounter trouble due to several service providers who will geo-lock content to only access it from certain countries. Besides, if you try to use bots or scrape data for scripts for SEO or social media, the IP address will get blocked. As a result, you can’t access the desired webpage. Fortunately, a residential proxy network is an effective way to get around these issues.

Describe residential IP

The residential IP address is an IP address, which is tied to a physical device, for instance, a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Residential IP addresses in the public databases let websites determine the device’s location, network, and internet provider. Residential IP addresses are considered real people.

How does residential proxy work?

Residential proxies are not the same as data center proxies. These are more in-demand and reliable compared to the datacenter that is easier to block. Data centers might be cheaper yet can’t provide what you need. A residential proxy is the real MVP. A residential proxy routes your internet traffic by a mediator server. The server changes the IP address of the requested connection. It is exceptional because it is a real mobile device, which is used as the mediator for the connections.

Mobile Proxy Service

Why use this proxy?

If you want to hide or conceal your IP address for different reasons, you will need a residential proxy. Another use of it are:

  • Scrape data from various websites
  • Run various accounts from the same device
  • Download and upload torrents through P2P connections
  • Stream geo-lock content

A residential proxy network, whatever the case, is a great tool to hide the true online identity.

What is it used for?

A residential proxy can be used for several purposes:

  • Market research. It can be used for ad verification, web scraping, affiliate testing, and SEO. Web scraping will let you collect all the different kinds of data to be advanced from the competitors. Ad verification helps you localize and test ads while using mobile IP addresses and real desktops.
  • Social networks. It is the very first reason why users used a residential proxy. It creates and manages multiple accounts in social media platforms, increases following, and changes location with no restrictions.

All the info is great. Many people have been profiting due to the great usage of a residential proxy.

5 Considerations to Entice People of Your Betting App


Betting apps are very famous in all countries right now. It is so fast and easy to access. As a betting website, you should always step up your game to be one of the finest apps. You can do these things to help your app lure people to come back.

Safe gambling environment

As an online betting developer, technicalities are essential to your website. You need to provide an atmosphere that has comprehensive security for your users. Ensure that no one can hack your website and get all personal information from your clients. With that said, ensure a safe gambling environment by having a robust security system. You can hire professional software engineers for this matter. Also, IT specialists can help you gain well-built security for your betting app. Your users will for sure admire how you take care of them.

Authenticity to operate

Betting apps not only need to have a good UI web design, but they all also need licenses. There are trusted gaming authorities that hand out certificates to these betting apps. With these certificates, it gives them the entitlement to run their website without bias. Meaning to say betting apps will undergo a series of tests to see that they are not fraud and a scam. Users will give you their trust once they know that you are a licensed betting app and have undergone trials.

Partnerships and transactions

Another technical issue that people have concerns always is banking transactions. As a licensed website, it requires you to have an effortless banking transaction. In line with that, your users should have no reports and issues of withdrawal or deposits. So, ensure to have partnerships in the prevalent banks that are available in your area. More so, across the globe, where people can access your app too. It will be easier for you to get a hold of their transactions. More so, once you are in connection to reputable banks as well.

sports betting apps

Interactive gaming system

Some betting apps rely too much on artificial intelligence. They only have games that have bots. One way to build a competitive ground in your betting app is to offer a multiplayer system. You allow your users to go against other users. With this, your customers will have the absolute best of playing on your betting app. They get to experience playing with other people too. All that is very vital to have fun and get the adrenaline rising.

Search Engine Optimization tools

Do not settle in marketing your app. Strengthen your search engines to be at the top tiers. You can acquire help from reputable SEO tools online. With only a few bucks, you can boost your SEO without having to undergo plenty of processes.

As a betting app owner, invest in these things to have the best betting app in the industry. You can click on this link and see their reviews on how the best apps operate. Be the next trusted and reputable betting app now with these simple steps.