choice of the fabric of the sheets


As already mentioned, the choice of the fabric of the sheets that will accompany our bed is very important. The quality of the fabric is fundamental, choosing natural fibers is on the safe side. Let’s see together some examples and the advantages of this choice:

The classicism of Cotton

Cotton is certainly the most classic and most purchased choice. It is not treated with chemicals, so it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin and can be washed in the washing machine Looking for bed linens in Singapore? Click here.


The freshness of Linen

Linen is hypoallergenic and breathable, and therefore very suitable for those who sweat high during the night. It is a very cool fabric, both in summer and in winter. The “linen blend” is a fabric that includes different percentages of cotton and linen, ensuring all the advantages of these materials.

The precious delicacy of silk

Silk is a very versatile fabric, optimal in the winter seasons because it is very warm. Also very useful in summer, silk is much more delicate, so special attention must be paid to washing. It is more expensive than other fabrics.

A warm flannel hug

Flannel is suitable for the winter seasons, being a heavier and much warmer fabric. It has a consistent fabric texture that is pleasantly soft to the touch.

various types of bedding fabrics

The colors of the sheets

The choice of the color of the sheets for our bed is also very important. The chromatic choice  allows you to give a touch to the bedroom by customizing it according to our tastes. The corollary of options is wide, from reassuring white to more vibrant colors, to cooler ones (like purple or blue), to piercing and even a little disturbing black.

How often to change the sheets

Changing the sheets on a regular basis is very important to keep a bedroom clean, but also as a matter of personal hygiene. The optimal frequency of change is once a week , if you do not want to run the risk of our bed becoming  a receptacle for germs and bacteria. During sleep, the human body produces sweat and humidity, which impregnate our fabric and mattress. We should not underestimate the dyes of the pajamas and the body creams that we use normally. They are all elements that are deposited on the fabrics, until they reach the mattress. The bed is also the favorite place of dust mites: they are small insects, responsible for allergies and dermatological problems.