In-House Financing: Purchase Your Car With An Easy Approval Option


The typical car financing deal involves getting a loan from a financial institution. But, applying for financing at the bank can never be the best option when looking to buy a car in Singapore. Anyone can opt for in-house car financing services singapore, taking out a car loan from a dealership directly.

Finance with a car dealership

Financing with a car dealership in Singapore rather than in the bank has many advantages. What is in-house financing food for when getting a financing deal with poor credit? Getting approval in-house is easier than getting in a bank. In-house financing is a great option if you have suffered damage to your credit score in the past.

Why choose in-house financing?

In-house financing is borrowing money from the car dealership. You apply for a loan and interest payments to the car dealership where you get in-house financing. To finance directly with the car dealership offers a lot of benefits. What makes it happier when getting in-house financing is that the dealerships offer you the chance of driving the car to your home.

The car dealership works harder to customize a lease agreement that fits your budget. Here are the advantages of getting in-house financing:

  • Credit-building opportunity
  • Extended warranties
  • Easier pre-approval
  • Flexible interest rates

Generally, even dealers that do not order direct financing work with multiple lenders and get the best deal.

in-house car financing services singapore

How is in-house financing doing in your credit score?

Drivers with bad credit scores can still have the chance to buy a car. Getting a car loan is easier in-house than from the bank. The dealership is more lenient in viewing your financial situation. If you work to rebuild your credit? Then, choose in-house financing.

Making timely payments on a customized car loan goes a long way in pushing your score back up. Extend your original warranty using in-house financing.

Who can apply for in-house financing?

Anyone can apply for in-house financing. Whether you have a poor credit score, the car dealership still gives you the chance to get your vehicle. There are a lot of people dreaming of owning a car, yet can’t afford it on a cash basis. Thankfully, the in-house financing option offers the public the best car financing services:

  • New and used car financing
  • COE financing
  • In-house car loan
  • Hire purchase loan

Pick your choice of in-house car financing option from Zion Auto. Make a loan with this easy and fast approval car financing option in Singapore.

Effective reasons to use of I-pilot trolling motor


I – pilot motor is a boat trolling motor that comes with the GPS feature which is controlled by a remote or foot pedal. There are several features that can be added to motors like spot lock, auto-deploy, auto track, cruise control, and other features. As a result, i-Pilot is not the same as spot lock, and it has more features. When compared to other brands of GPS trolling motors, transom mount trolling motors with i-Pilot are known for their dependability, warranty, and customer service, as well as the added benefit of a screen display on the remote. You may have noticed that some trolling motor models are labeled with an i-Pilot link rather than an i-Pilot if you have looked around.

Way to use i- pilot trolling motor

You may feel excited and surprised when you notice the advanced features on the i – Pilot bow mount trolling motors which are not similar to the transom mount trolling motors.

In fact, i – pilot trolling motors are easy to operate with the support of a pre-installed system. The i- pilot trolling motors come in both manually and automatically operation options. It is available for remote access and has a foot pedal to sail the boat conveniently.

Reasons to use I – pilot trolling motors

Most people are attracted to the ipilot trolling motor because of its features existence. This makes the people never turn back to the manual steer. Here are the reasons behind the people choosing the i- pilot trolling motors.

Remote control

You can have the fishing by keeping your hands and feet free with the ipilot trolling motor remote control! That is, you can move around while still controlling the trolling motor, which is a huge benefit for larger boats.

The remote controls may take some getting used to, but they will soon become second nature to you. If you prefer to fish with your feet, foot control is also available.

Spot lock or virtual anchor

Another significant thing that contributes to the i-Pilot trolling motor’s popularity is the spot lock feature.

Your boat will maintain its place regardless of current or wind with a simple touch of a button on the remote or the foot pedal of the motor.

Aside from that, unlike the Pro Pole, you are not restricted to operating the trolling motor with an i-Pilot in shallow water. There’s no need to be concerned about fishing in water too deep for a power pole with virtual anchoring.

Auto track

With auto-track settings on the Minn Kota i-Pilot trolling motor, you may navigate a memorized path up to 2 miles long and up to 16 courses. It saves you a lot of time and hassle making adjustments because of its precise steering.


The sophisticated autopilot offered on the i-Pilot trolling motor lets you go on a predetermined navigational path automatically.

With a manual steer motor, you may need to make several changes along the coastline due to wind, current, and other variables. Fewer adjustments are required as a result of the accurate autopilot function, which is often too little to do manually.

Display screen

The LCD display screen is a great advantage for I –pilot trolling motors that shows the motor speed, settings, GPS speed, battery charge status, and more.