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There is a difference between cleaning and having your home cleaned. It’s the difference between getting ready for a party and throwing one. A messy yet clean house will still have the same problems as a room that looks good but smells terrible. Many cleaning products are available to us, some for heavy duty work and others for light duty work; however, much of what we need can be found in our homes. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple than waste valuable time going out or spending money on other options when they can easily be achieved inside your home.




In addition to cleaning supply accessories, the fundamentals of any home maintenance should include freshening up the air in your bedroom and home with a good deodorizer. From unscented candles to potpourri and scented oils, there are so many ways to eliminate unpleasant odors; many of these can be found in your pantry! Apple cider vinegar mixed with water or baking soda sprinkled about a room can eliminate bad smells. For more potent smells like smoke and pet odors, citrus extracts are best as they have a strong scent that is hard to overlook when mixed with water and placed at critical points in the house.




In the days of paper towels, a cleaning wipe was just paper but now there are many options for non-traditional wipes that can be used to clean. These are great for a quick or light cleaning job and are especially useful when you don’t have time or don’t want to get your hands dirty. Paper towels will never go out of style, but these “moist” versions have become widely popular in recent years; they come in handy when your furniture needs dusting, or your bathroom is in need of scrubbing.

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There is something about a good moisturizer that goes beyond mere skin care and into the realm of saving your home. Moisturizing products should be used on everything in your home, including carpets, furniture, floors, walls, and countertops. Moist sheets, moisturizers with shea or jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients make a difference as they fight dryness and are great for cleaning dry winter skin. Consistent use of a moisturizer will show visible results over time, as the health of your skin will improve significantly!


In conclusion, every home is different. It’s up to you to find the suitable cleaning materials for your own home. 

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