How To Get Alcoholic Beverage Licensing In Fort Lauderdale, FL?


Owning anything is no small feat. Forget owning a business that falls under the realm of the restaurant industry. It is a feat fit for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, break a sweat, tackle rogue humans, interact with wolves, and do other nearly nerve-wracking tasks. Literally.

And every restaurant business owner worth their salt knows that to supply even vaguely alcoholic beverages, the state of Florida demands that they own a liquor license. No questions caused. This is absolutely non-negotiable.

Having an up-to-date liquor license to supply any, I repeat, any alcoholic beverage is a must. Failure to follow this can lead to strict penalization.

It is no secret that serving alcohol in an establishment is sure to boost the customer quota of the entire place. However, obtaining a said liquor license for any industry in the restaurant sector could turn into a complex process.

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Thankfully, there exist Beverage License Specialists who help restaurant owners, both new and old obtain the license. Thank God for small mercies. Therefore, getting your own alcoholic beverage licensing in Fort Lauderdale, FL has never been easier.

The Steps To Be Followed To Obtain A Liquor License in Florida For The Restaurant Industry

The application process is long but clear-cut. The documentation is to be submitted in a clear manner. The Beverage License Specialists would assist the restaurant owners in meeting the requirements and seeing through the documents.

The license requirement would either demand that the restaurant owner purchase a license, in which case they would need a broker or they can obtain a Special Food Service License, for which the preparation and processing of the application are required.

The required documents such as health, business, and zonal approvals, completing the application, and payment of fees need to be taken care of.

The alcohol could be of two categories, 2COP which include beer and wine. And the second category includes 4COP SFS which enables the owner to purchase and sell wine and liquor.

So, all you need to do is get yourself a Beverage License Specialist, determine what sort of license you need for your store, get the necessary documents prepared, fill out all of the paperwork diligently, and wait patiently. And before you know it you would be the owner of a liquor license and your customers get the joy of drinking alcohol. Win-win situation.

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